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Standard Carnival Games
Any game in the section below are just $30.00 each.
When added to an inflatable rental, games are $25.00 each!

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Frog Slam
Slam the hinged board with the mallet and try to have the frogs fly into the home on the other end. Very popular game!!

Six Cats

Potato Sack Race
How about a good old fashioned potato sack race?

Tug Of War
Huge Tug of War Rope.

On The Edge
Try throwing the bean bags and keep them on the shelf. Not as easy as it looks!

Hula Hoops
How about adding a big bag of hula hoops for your next event or party? 8 assorted hula hoops make for great fun, great pictures and great laughs!

Spinning Wheel
We provide the wheel, you decide what everyone is playing to win.

Football Toss
Take the foam footballs and see what kind of quarterback you can be.

Not Just Another Golf Game
Don't have the room or want to rent our full 9 hole golf game? You can rent them individually as a standard game.

Connect Four

Horse Shoe Toss
How good are you at Jumpin Beans version of Horse Shoes? Take plastic horseshoes and try to hit your target.

Ball Match
Drop the balls and try to match the colored squares.

Cactus Toss
Take the large wooden hoops and try to get a ringer on one of the cactus branches.

Knock Down
Toss beanbags and try to knock the animals down. Easy reset with hinged targets.

Lollipop Tree
We supply the board, you provide the lollipops.

Using the white pucks, bounce them off the side bumpers and try to make a goal. Harder than it looks!

Ring Toss
An old favorite in a backyard size version.

You decide the difficulty level by how far the participants have to stand away!

Mr. Ring-A-Ling
Try to throw balls into Mr. Ring a Ling's mouth and make a bell ring!

Different areas call this game by different names but the concept is the same. Take two or four players and try to get the bags in the holes. Not as easy as it sounds. We have different backgrounds.

Catch A Critter
Try to throw the cute bean bags into the net.

Raffle Drum