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Party Essentials

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Tent Heater
Tent Heater
Rent this 14,000 BTU cool or 11,000 BTU heat unit for your next event. Air vent in the front and an exhaust tube in the back to vent out the exhaust from the unit. Unit is rated to cool 380 sq. ft.
Tent Heater

Tent Lights
Tent Lights
How about lights for your next event? Each string of lights will illuminate a ‘20x20’ tent.
Add our portable AC / Heater when renting this tent for only $75.00
Best Photo Booth in Florida - Photo Booth Rentals
Best Photo Booth in Florida
For more information on our Photo Booth
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Birthday Chair
This unit requires a small blower so power is needed within 100' of the unit.
This cute chair can be added to any inflatable order for just $30.00.
Chair Dimenstions: 8' Tall x 4' Wide
Birthday Chair 2

4 Pedestal Wrecking Ball
Four people climb into the ring and stand on big inflated columns. Participants push a large inflated ball and try to knock the others off their columns. A new and exciting twist to a Joust. Unit is 28' x 28' and 17' tall. Unit must be used DRY only.

Mr. Jeeves
Guaranteed to be the neatest butler you've ever seen! Click on my picture and see how cute I am! This life-like butler stands over 5' tall. He can even be set to shake his head when the motion sensor is activated. What a great conversation piece for your next event!
How to set up and take down a moonwalk

Snow Machine
How about snow in Florida? This neat unit can be used with or without the snow man. Add our special snow mix and get approx. 4 hours of fake snow. Unit producing flurries of foam that looks like snow. Great attention getter or setting the mood for a winter wonderland.

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Snow Machine 2
A more powerful unit, with blizzard-like snow!

Snow Machine

Upside Down Clown Outfit
Slip this costume on and impress everyone on your ability to walk on your hands. Only you need to know that the costume is secretly built with your feet going into what looks like your hands. Vent is located by your head. Rent this outfit for your next church event, school function or costume party and stand out in a crowd. Rental rate is just $99.00/day.

Glitter Tattoos
Rental comes with a trained attendant to apply tattoos. Approx 100 different tattoos to choose from for boys, girls and even adults. Tattoos last up to one week!

Rent these great speakers with stands for your next event. Exceptional sound and speakers even have a place to insert a zip stick to make it a portable sound system all on one stand. Center white podium rented separately.

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Air Dancers
Visit the Air Dancers page for selections.

Canopy Package
We have a 20x20 Canopy package that includes the canopy, 8 tables and 48 chairs for just $379.00* + tax.
*Additional delivery charges may apply.