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Obstacle Courses

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Big Red
Big Red
Go big or go home! Jumpin Beans has added yet another cool addition. This unit is 90’, that’s right 90’ Long and 13’ wide. Make sure you have plenty of room for this monster! This unit also requires 3 blowers so (3) separate 20 amp breakers are required within 100’ of this unit. This unit can only be used DRY.
The first picture, below left, is the first part of Big Red (little red). The second picture, below right, is the first two pieces of Big Red (middle Red). The picture above is Big Red (all three pieces).
Little Red
Little Red
Middle Red
Middle Red

53' Challenge Obstacle Course
This obstacle course is jam packed with tons of challenging components. First section keeps you pushing through the inflated sections until you get to the big inflated Rockwall and slide. Just like all our obstacle courses, this is designed so that two people to compete.
Unit is 60'x13'x16'. DRY unit only.

Radical Run Obstacle

Radical Run Obstacle
Our Zorb Track is 72’ of high energy fun! Two lanes seems easy until you hit the middle where the strongest or smarter participant will get the advantage. Race to the end and then spin around and get back first to win. Unit is 72’x20’ and MUST be used on a very flat, hard surface.


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Hard Rock Wall
24' Tall - 4 Station Hard Rock Wall
4 participants can race their way to victory on
our newest addition.
Make it to the top and ring the buzzer.

Your group can have their own American Ninja Warrior competition. You can add one of our exciting Obstacle Courses and end with a Giant Trike Race.

Rockwall is built on a trailer so we must be able to drive to its location. Rockwall works best in a 20'x20' area. Comes complete with trained attendants to harness and supervise.
Mega Combat Obstacle Course
This unit has three sections!
Complete with a slide and tons of obstacles to
make this unit an exciting addition to any event.
Rent each piece individually or any combination you choose!

Check Out The Video!

This unit has three sections!
Climbing Wall, Up & Over Slide, and U-Turn.
Dimensions: 54'L x 30'W
Rented DRY only!

These two sections, the Up & Over Slide and Climbing Wall.
Dimensions: 60'x13'x18'
Rented DRY only!

U-turn section (above), dimensions are
24' L x 27' W x 9' H. Rented DRY only!

This section, the Up & Over Slide, is 30' in length. Rented DRY only!

30 Foot Obstacle Course
Dimensions are 30' long x 13' wide.

40 Foot Obstacle Course
Dimensions: 30'x13'x18'
Unit is rented DRY only.

40 Foot Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course has a large pool at the end.
Can be rented WET or DRY.
Dimensions: 40'x13'x16'

40 Foot Obstacle Course
Side View

Super Giant Obstacle
Dimensions: 60’x11’x16'
Rockwall can be rented separately
and is 30’x11’x16’.
Rented DRY only.

Another View
Dimensions: 60’x11’x16' Rented DRY only.